Autumn in 3, 2, 1...

Life has been very busy for many of us at TU living. With two weddings to plan, I have been discussing caterers with Hannah and possible wedding venues with Paige. We’ve attended two “tastings” and enjoyed some very delicious food. To add to that madness, I’ve also been consulting on a bathroom renovation—Joshua and Paige’s home in NY.  It’s been an amazing two weeks!

Are you thinking of autumn? I know children will be heading back to school soon—a sure sign of the end of summer. With that in mind, I have created a lovely autumn wreath for my entryway at the lake. It took me 10 minutes to create as I had all of the materials on hand. 

Even if you don’t have the supplies on hand like me, there are only a couple and they should be easy to find.

  • Burlap wreath - If you’d like to make your own follow, along with this YouTube video.
  • Burlap maple leaves in multiple colors - The ones I used are backed with wire allowing them to bend.

The burlap wreath is the same one I used for the entryway over the past winter season. Check out TU living’s post ‘Naturally simple Christmas decor’ to see the winter version of this wreath. The burlap leaves were an impulse purchase at a local discount store, Christmas Tree Shop. I found them in July and just knew I needed them! I’ve seen similar leaves at the large craft supply stores, so they shouldn’t be hard for you to find.

To assemble, simply hang the wreath in its final location and attach the leaves in an arrangement that you love. There is no right or wrong way! Because of the flexibility, I was able to attach the leaves by bending the ‘stem’ onto the wreath’s wire form. If your leaves are wireless simply use floral wire to attach them. Finally, step back and wait for the compliments from everyone!

Photos Wanted! I’d love to see what each of you create for your autumn decor. Tag TU living on Twitter and Instagram (@TU_living) or Facebook (@TUliving.Kathy).