No sew decor boost for your bath!

I hope you had a relaxing and fun Fourth of July! I thoroughly enjoyed a week with my family at the lake. We had friends and family visit for the holiday, then spent time boating, swimming and exploring a historic farm and museum in Vermont toward the end of last week. But that’s not all…on July 3rd my daughter Paige and Joshua got engaged! Joshua planned and executed an amazing lakeside proposal. There were tears of joy all around!

Now that my life has returned to normal, I have a simple and fast decor boost to share with you for any bathroom in your home.

When I first decorated the lake house eleven years ago, I was walking through Target completely lost searching for towels and a shower curtain. I wandered into the table linen area and fell in love with two tablecloths. One that was perfect for the girls’ bathroom and the other for the second floor bath. BUT they were tablecloths, NOT shower curtains…! SO I decided to create custom shower curtains for the bathrooms! They were very simple to piece together.

Now I’m updating the shower curtain in the girls’ bathroom with a great pineapple print tablecloth. Just follow these simple steps to create your own custom shower curtain.


  • Tablecloth - Any size and pattern. Mine is 60”x84” to provide plenty of height to the shower curtain
  • Scissors - To cut tablecloth
  • Grommets (7/16”) - To allow for hanging on shower curtain rings
  • Grommet tool - To aid application of grommets
  • Hammer - To apply grommets
  • Measuring tape or ruler- To evenly space the grommets

I was able to completely piece together and hang the new shower curtain in two hours–I was also photographing my progress as I went.

I accidentally cracked my granite! Be careful in your choice of work surface.

I accidentally cracked my granite! Be careful in your choice of work surface.

  1. Organize all of the materials
  2. Measure and mark with pins the placement of each grommet along the “top” of your soon-to-be shower curtain. I placed the first grommet 1 ¼” in from each edge then divided the remaining space into ten locations for the remaining grommets.
  3. Follow the directions on the back of the grommet pack and install all twelve grommets.
  4. Be careful when choosing a work surface to install the grommets–I broke a granite block during my installation of the grommets–it needs to be sturdy and shatterproof.
  5. Hang your new shower curtain, take a step back and admire your work!

The ability to customize the look of the curtain is important to me. It allows me to create extra tall curtains for each bathroom–I have a few tall members of the family. I also appreciate being able to extend the curtains to the floor, there is nothing worse than a short shower curtain!

I hope you get an opportunity to give this simple decor boost a try. It only requires a few materials and a small amount of time–it’s a NO sew project! I would love to see what you create! Share with me on Twitter and Instagram (@TU_living) or Facebook (@TUliving.Kathy). Let’s be social!