All decked out in red, white, and blue

Summer is finally here! Although summer officially arrived on June 21, the Fourth of July is truly the beginning of my summer. This year the holiday falls on Tuesday, and I am fortunate that this means my family will be spending the whole week at the lake. I’m looking forward to spending time with them and a few friends that are planning to stop by! Have you prepared for the holiday yet?

I’m working on two wreaths to use as pops of red, white, and blue at the lake. These are very easy to make with simple fabric and inexpensive bandanas.  

Wreaths don't always have to go on the door!

Wreaths don't always have to go on the door!

I found the inspiration for the first wreath on a site called It’s made of bandanas, which can be easily found at craft stores, online, and even at large stores like Walmart.  I changed the look of the wreath a bit to stay true to the look of the American flag. I grouped the bandanas into seven red and six white ‘stripes’ representing the thirteen stripes on our flag. The blue is to the left of the stripes as it‘s the traditional way to fly the American flag.

The second wreath is a very simple one—no counting stripes needed!—it can be found at It is created with red and blue ticking fabric. I love ticking fabric, so it was a given that I would share this project with all of you. I love the casual scattered look of this wreath!

I varied my method of attaching the fabric to the wreath form. For the outside wire—largest circumference wire—I used a Larks Head knot to attach each piece of fabric. For the remaining three interior wires, I attached each fabric piece with a simple overhand knot (the same knot as the tutorial). There are lots of knots to be tied so take it slowly. I assure you the end result and the compliments you’ll get are worth your time!

After all of that knot tying you are probably craving something sweet and yummy to replenish your energy. I have the perfect dessert for you! It’s called the No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake, check it out at I haven’t made it yet—I’m afraid I would eat it all myself—so I’m waiting to make it over the Fourth of July when I have plenty of people to share it with! I’ll be adding some fresh blueberries to complete my red, white and blue theme.

For another Fourth of July idea…check out my post Red, white, and blue for 4th of July! for a wooden clothespin wreath that I created last year for my front door!

Be safe, enjoy time with friends and family, and most importantly take some time to relax during your Fourth of July celebration! I would love to see your creations and yummy desserts, connect with TU living on Facebook (@TUliving.Kathy) or Instagram and Twitter (@TU_living)!