Not the typical yard game...

I hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend was great! Mine was filled with a myriad of activities, moving Hannah and John into their new space, dinners with family, and getting the yard in shape. Many years ago when the lake house was built JP and I installed an outdoor Chess board, it’s very rustic and simple. JP had created a full set of chess pieces from small twigs and the board was designed for them. This year it’s getting a makeover…

For the last seven years we have used the space as a sitting area. It provided a shaded area for a quiet conversation or to relax and watch the boats as they slowly cruise by each evening after dinner. But it’s going back to it’s roots this summer! 

While I would love to be able to use the original chess pieces, time and the New Hampshire weather took their toll on them—only two pieces still survive—so I am creating a new set of chess pieces. After much research on choices of materials for the set, I have settled on terracotta pots! They are readily available, can be found in many heights and diameters, and easily transformed with spray paint.

While the project is not 100% completed—mother nature has been busy making NH drought free—I’ve been able to purchase the terracotta pots, remove the weeds from the moss covered Chess board, and start spray painting the pieces. Once the sun returns, I’ll finish painting the pots and adhere a designating emblem: knight, bishop, rook, etc to them.  

I’m very much looking forward to guests being able to enjoy themselves while playing a game of chess at Hannah and John’s engagement party in June! Check out my blog, Super-sized and for the lawn..., from last year when I made a set of outdoor dice for Yardzee and Farkle.

The best part of entertaining for me is seeing smiles on the faces of my guests. With fun activities and good food, I am certain I will be seeing lots of smiling faces this summer!

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