When two parts of your life collide...

This time of the year can be busy with graduations, bridal showers, baby showers, and just wanting to spend time with family now that the warm weather has returned. I am certainly excited to be able to get outside and enjoy the sun.

Have you ever had a time when two parts of your life collide? It happened to me a few weeks ago! I never thought that an email from an old friend and my daughter’s engagement party would somehow get connected.

First and quite unexpectedly I received an email from Paul Freeman, the owner of Brooks Post and Beam. He is the gentleman who designed and constructed the timber frame portion of the lake house. You may have noticed the posts and beams in some of the photos from past blog posts at TUliving.com!

Paul stated that he had some clients that were interested in visiting with us (Phil and I), as they’re planning to build a home similar to ours on their lakefront lot in New Hampshire. Happily, we will be hosting Paul and his clients in a few weeks. Knowing Paul likes to bring a gift when he visits I suggested a few leftover pieces of wood from his beams to use when entertaining...

Blocks made out of the same wood that was used to construct my home.

Blocks made out of the same wood that was used to construct my home.

Secondly, my daughter Hannah mentioned that she and John, her wonderful fiance, would like to have an engagement party at the lake—of course, I said YES!  A party celebrating family is always a great way to spend a beautiful day or weekend at the lake.

You may be asking yourself what do these two have in common—nothing! This is where the collision happens: the leftover pieces of wood will help me create a beautiful buffet table for the engagement party.

Textbooks make a fun accessory for a graduaiton party!

Textbooks make a fun accessory for a graduaiton party!

Often when setting the dishes of food on a buffet table, I feel the dishes toward the back get overlooked because everything is on a single level. In the past to remedy this I have created different tiers for the dishes with boxes or books placed under the tablecloth. While these have worked, they lacked the ability to add color or texture to the buffet table. Thanks to Paul I will now be able to incorporate the beautiful wooden pieces onto a buffet table—no need to hide them under the tablecloth—placing the dishes directly on them to create tiers on the table. I know this will enhance the visibility of the dishes and add character to the buffet table. The Chinese have a saying, “You eat first with your eyes, then your nose, then your mouth.”

When you’re holding your next party, build tiers with items that enhance the table. Perhaps for a graduation use college/ high school textbooks, for a baby shower use story books that the new baby will later enjoy having read to them. For an engagement party use a few wrapped gifts (from the hostess) to the new couple to create tiers on the table knowing that they will enjoy them for years to come.

If you try any of these ideas or have some suggestions of your own, I would love to hear from you! You can share below or tag TU living on Instagram and Twitter (@TU_living) and Facebook (@TUliving.Kathy) with your celebration photos!