Combining three loves—plants, decorating, and entertaining

I’m hosting Easter this year and am already planning a special day! There will be many of the traditional family foods and activities—take a peek back at my blog titled, Easter recipes & decor, for some recipes and decor ideas.  One new craft I’m trying this year is an Easter Basket centerpiece! I’m creating a one-of-a-kind basket with repurposed and reusable materials. This idea came to me as I opened the Lowe’s flyer on Sunday morning...

To create the centerpiece you’ll need to gather three materials:

  • A repurposed container
  • Reusable plants*
  • Family’s favorite Easter candies

*Here I'm defining reusable as plants that I can add to my garden after being in the centerpiece!

For my own centerpiece, I've chosen the following:

  • A white picket fence container - originally used to hold herbs on a windowsill
  • Creeping phlox - a perennial that will thrive in my garden for many years*
  • Chocolate eggs, jelly beans, peanut butter eggs, and the list goes on…

*No worries, creeping phlox is non-toxic to animals and humans.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, the process of assembling the centerpiece is simple.

  1. Carefully place the reusable plants into the repurposed container. They may be left in their individual pots or placed directly into the container. Due to its open sides, I am using plastic liner to contain the soil in my centerpiece.
  2. Place your favorite candy on top. To insure the candy stays off the soil, place some crinkled paper Easter basket filler between the blossoms and the soil. Individually wrapped candy works best if you plan on displaying it for multiple days. For non-individually wrapped candies such as jelly beans, put them in plastic Easter eggs and scatter among the plants.

A recent snowstorm delayed the delivery of the creeping phlox to my local Lowe’s, so kindly be on the lookout for photos of my finished Easter Basket centerpiece on Instagram and Twitter (@TU_living) or Facebook (@tuliving.Kathy) in a few days!

I would love to see what you created with your repurposed and reusable materials. Got another homemade Easter decor you’d like to share? Be sure to tag TU living on your favorite social media site using our handles (shown above).


Update on April 13, 2017: My Easter centerpiece has come together for this weekend's festivities! My mother, niece, and children are arriving tomorrow night and staying through Sunday. I filled the centerpiece with their favorite candies for them to snack on all weekend long.