Signs of spring

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I celebrated Easter with my extended family. It was great to get a chance to catch up with everyone. We gathered at the lake and enjoyed a beautiful warm day. When I arrived on Thursday the lake was completely frozen, but by Sunday afternoon the last of the ice had melted away. I hope it’s a sign that spring has finally arrived! Today I have some more signs of spring to share with you.

I love the first signs of spring! The sound of the birds chirping and the first spring bulbs coming into bloom. The first to bloom each year at my home are the Crocus, they’re looking good nestled in a bed of Pachysandra that grows along my granite steps.

The blossoms of many naturalized Chionodoxa bulbs are popping up in my lawn in shades of blue and purple. These bulbs are often called ‘glory-of-the snow.” Their small blossoms add hints of color to the lawn as it ‘greens up’ after being blanketed in snow all winter.

The Narcissus—best know as a daffodil— is very easy to grow and wonderful as a cut flower. Like the Crocus, they bloom in early spring in New Hampshire and often even before the gardens have been cleaned up from the winter. Narcissus come in many varieties, daffodils, jonquils and paperwhites with many beautiful color combinations. I have a few varieties in my yard, I was able to find one full yellow bloom, but mainly the yellow and white combination are in bloom.

Lastly, even though it’s a shrub, I don’t want to overlook the Forsythia. Its beautiful yellow blossoms add wonderful color to the yard. They are an easy bush to grow. I provide them little care, yet they always bloom each year. They can bring color into your home as well, just cut a few stems and place in a water filled vase, instant pop of yellow!

If you’re fortunate enough to have spring bulbs in your yard, go take a peek and see what’s in bloom or visit a local park to see what you can discover. The fresh air and exercise are just a bonus to all the beautiful flowers you could see!

I’d love to see what’s blooming in your yard. Be sure to tag TU living on Instagram and Twitter (@TU_living) or Facebook (@tuliving.Kathy) with photos of your beautiful blossoms!