Making a home away from home

Hello from rainy Seattle, WA! No, I haven’t moved. My husband and I have been traveling for vacation and business. For the record I am very much a homebody, so being in our fifth hotel in 12 days is quite a change for me! To tell you the truth, although I had fun seeing new sights and spending valuable time with old friends in Key Largo, FL area—check out the photos—now that we are in a second city I am beginning to miss the coziness of home. So I decided to add some homey decor to the hotel room to lift my spirit.

I am currently staying at a beautiful Hilton property, The Arctic Club, in Seattle. It’s an elegant and elaborate historic hotel decorated in the style of the post-Klondike gold rush days of the early 1900s. There are walruses everywhere: on the rugs, on the exterior building facade, and as room number designators. Very unique!

I feel that the easiest way to add a ‘homey cozy’ feeling to any room is with flowers. Lucky for me the famous Pike Place market is just a short walk from our hotel. It features fish markets, fruit and vegetable vendors, and handmade items—like soap, jams, and clothing. Most importantly for me, the market has amazing fragrant flowers! I found beautiful tulips and very aromatic hyacinths that I know will bring that ‘homey cozy” feeling to our hotel room. Now what to use as a vase…

I asked for a vase at the front desk, but they didn’t have any available. So some creativity was needed, I decided on an ice bucket! The stainless finish worked well, adding a metallic component to the table in the small sitting area. Being that my “vase” is an ice bucket, it’s 100% waterproof—no leaks! The real challenge came when I decided to add some hyacinths to the bathroom sink area. What to use…I tried a water glass, but it was too short for the height of the hyacinths.(You are probably saying to yourself, Kathy just cut down the stems. I couldn’t do that because cut hyacinths need to retain a small portion of their bulb to remain fresh in a bouquet.) The solution to my challenge came when I found the stainless-looking tissue box cover. It fit nicely over the water glass and provides the height and support necessary for the hyacinths to stand.

The hyacinths add their wonderful fragrance to the bathroom sink area, and the tulip and hyacinth bouquet adds a ‘homey cozy’ feeling to our room. Each day is a new experience when traveling and having a welcoming place to return to gives me a feeling of having a “home away from home!”

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the photos from my travels, and the next time you are traveling think about adding flowers to your new home—hotel room!