A modern take on a traditional necessity

Happy Wednesday! I’m in the Acadia National Park area of Maine enjoying a mini vacation with my husband—he is the outdoorsy type, so there is hiking involved. This week I’d like to highlight my company, The Modern Nestling, that I started alongside TU living in February. If you don’t know about The Modern Nestling, just continue reading and it’ll become very clear!

The Modern Nestling is TU living’s online store for extraordinary baby burp cloths! Let me tell you about its humble beginning, and how its products are unique and a better fit for you and your baby than others available.

Creating adorable, absorbent, and well-made burp clothes is not a new endeavor for me... I had been creating them for many years from prefold cloth diapers and cotton prints for family, friends and co-workers as gifts. When I started TU living, I also launched The Modern Nestling to extend the reach of my homemade products to more people around the country. I went back to the sewing room with The Modern Nestling burp cloths. Building on my previous burp cloth sewing experience, The Modern Nestling burp cloths have a contemporary look and superior quality.

When I thought about material selection for the new burp cloth design, I wanted to use fabrics that are soft and cuddly like a baby, but able to handle the large messes that babies make more often than not. I also set out to revolutionize that idea that burp clothes are not just a tool to be used for a baby, but they can be an accessory for the parent! Burp clothes should come in colors and patterns that are sophisticated enough to blend in with one’s own sense of style. After all, they will be on your shoulder!

The Modern Nestling burp cloths are double-sided: one side is made from 100% cotton flannel, and the reverse is an ultra-absorbent terry cloth cut from 100% cotton bath towels. They are very thick and absorbent, plus the terry cloth keeps them from slipping off your shoulder. Each burp cloth has been pre-washed and dried to prevent shrinkage, and is tagless for baby’s comfort.

All of The Modern Nestling burp cloths are organized into a variety of collections. Each collection contains either three or five cloths. Stylish and sophisticated patterned flannels are curated into coordinating sets for each collection, allowing Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Aunt, etc. the chance to show a bit of style!

For example, if you know the Mom-to-Be loves wearing black and white—and who doesn’t, right?—the Classic B&W collection of either three or five burp cloths would be a perfect gift for her. Don’t worry men, you haven’t been left out of the fun. The Country Club or Business Wear collections work perfectly for any man with a little one on his shoulder!

On The Modern Nestling page, you can see the patterned burp cloths that are included in each of the collections. Additional collections are in the design stages and will be added soon!

Please let me know your favorite collection! If you have a suggestion for a collection, please leave a comment on this page. We are always looking for new ideas for those modern nestlings out there!