Super-sized and for the lawn…

I hope you had a great Fourth of July! I had a fantastic weekend with my family and some friends. We, the family, hosted a simple barbeque and hung out in the lake. My son JP surprised us with some new water toys, an inflatable swan and unicorn. It was great to see all of the kids—ages 22-27—enjoying time together in the water like when they were much younger!

Another family celebration is right around the corner… Paige’s graduation party is soon, and I plan to have games for the guests to play throughout the day. So far I have corn hole, ladder ball and frisbee on the list—kind of normal. I am adding two more games, Yardzee and Farkle, with this easy project. These are lawn-sized versions of the classic dice games Yahtzee and Farkle. Both are fun and easy for all ages to play! So I’m confident that these super-sized versions will be fantastic.


  • Six unfinished 3½” cubes - Witt Designs. Her outstanding products can be found on Etsy.
  • A Creative Versa-Tool - I purchased mine at Michael's with a coupons!
  • Rules and scorecard for Yardzee and Farkle - Witt Designs
  • Clipboard and markers - Wal-Mart

The process of applying the “dots” to the dice seemed overwhelming at first...but with an alignment widget—made of clothespins and hot glue (in my case)—I found at Momtastic, the task was very manageable. Paige provided a steady second pair of hands, and became a pro with the wooden burning Versa-Tool! The timing (15-30 sec) needed to burn each “dot” is somewhat trial and error. The cross grain sides of the cube required more of a burn time than the other four sides. Remember, the goal isn’t perfection, the dice are suppose to look homemade!

We created our giant wooden die using a small regulation die as a template. Then burned the remaining 5 dice using the assembly line method: completing all of the “4 dot” sides before moving onto the “2 dot” sides and so on...until all 36 sides had been burned. I left the dice in their natural unsealed state, but in the future I may add a light spray of polyurethane coating to them.

To simplify creating the rules and score cards, I purchased downloadable PDF files from Witt Designs. It saved me a ton of time, and I love supporting other small business owners! After downloading and printing the four files, I clipped them to their respective clipboards—Yardzee or Farkle, along with a marker. As a unifying element, I placed everything into a maple sap bucket! You may be thinking, "Why a bucket?  Why not a bag or box?" Both games require shaking the dice before rolling them out onto the lawn. So a bucket was my logical choice!

After completing my two dice game set, I have a few new ideas to incorporate in the future. I am going to laminate the rule sheets and the score cards. It’ll allow them to be used over and over. Also, I plan to include a dry erase marker—attached by a magnet—as well as a towel that’ll easily wipe the scoreboard clean.

These lawn games provide the perfect excuse to get outdoors, enjoy the warm weather, and be active! So make a set of dice, invite some friends over for a competitive game of Yardzee (or my favorite Farkle) and have a little party! HINT: A bottle of wine and a few appetizers wouldn’t hurt either!!!