Sunday morning fun!

I heard him moving at 5:30am on Sunday.  I was thrilled he was awake, it meant he—my husband—was ready to visit our favorite Sunday morning antique flea market!  We have been very busy with graduations and travel so it’s been what seems like forever since we have had a Sunday morning outing. We were out of the house by 6am.

After a quick stop for coffee—iced for me—and a bagel, we were pulling into the parking area of the Davisville Flea Market. It was hopping, people everywhere! There seemed to be a lot of new vendors, and I was hoping to find some unique antique pieces. The first vendor I visited had a cheese wheel box that caught my eye. I noticed that it needed some restoration, so the dealer gave me a great deal! The pineapple design is pretty, but I am not sure it’s me...possibly a future redesign post for the blog post. Such a great way to start the morning.

Antique fire alarm. The heat from the flames would activate the siren!

The rest of the morning went very well. I bought two pewter pitchers from a very funny and talkative vendor. He was wheeling and dealing with all of his customers! I think they will look amazing full of flowers on a summer buffet table!  My husband kindly pointed out some small tins and a unique wooden cylindrical medicine container that he knew I would like. I plan on displaying them in my guest bathroom.

I’m very happy with all of my purchases, but my absolute favorite and most unique find is a box full of small metal numbers and their corresponding stands. Their use was a mystery to me until the vendor showed me the cover of the box...I understand now! The box is labelled “Metalart Changable Metal Pricing Sets," he told me that when he was a young boy they were used to price items in stores. I’m not quite sure how I will use them, but I knew that I had to have them!

You may be wondering if my husband made any purchases. He certainly did, he collects older hunting and pocket knives, and was able to find four new pieces for his collection. Together we took one last lap around the flea market, just in case we had missed a “must have”—we hadn’t!

It was a quick and successful Sunday morning at the Davisville Flea Market! We were on our way home by 9:00am. I hope to run into you on a Sunday morning at my favorite flea market!