Graduation poetry

I hope all of you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend! My whole family was together for the weekend to attend my youngest child's college graduation ceremony on Saturday. It was a very hot and humid day! The ceremony was great, the speakers were interesting—especially, my daughter Hannah who gave out an award on stage—and we all got some color from the sun!

I have talked about my mom and my children with you, but there is someone important you have not met—my husband. He is a very hard working computer geek. He is also a fisherman, biker (road bikes, not motorcycles), hunter and handyman. He has a wonderful talent that he does not often use...writing poetry!

His poetry writing skills are only used to commemorate special occasions! He wrote this poem for our daughter Paige as a graduation gift.

He was able to capture her personality and heart perfectly with his words! The photo is of the Brooklyn bridge, as Paige lives in New York City. She works at the NYC Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society overseeing a fundraising campaign, Man and Woman of the Year!


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I wish you hadn’t grown up so fast

So we could have just one more summer blast


It still feels like you should be only three

Amazing to see the woman you have grown up to be


Creative and confident, the best crafter and sitter

I even heard a rumor that you only sweat glitter


When the problems are tough and there’s a squeeze

You juggle with one hand and make it look like a breeze


You know that it’s important to love and to give

And that helping others is the best way to live


You are making a difference with the work you do

That’s just one reason why we are so proud of you




May 2016