Spruce up your worn out kicks

Hello everyone,

My name is Hannah, and I am guest blogging on TU living this week! You may already know a little about me, and not even realize it. I am referred to in other posts as Kathy’s oldest daughter. I am also a bustling graduate student studying Chemistry in upstate New York. I don’t often dress up for work in the laboratory as there is an ever-present hazard of spilling chemicals on my clothing. A typical outfit consists of a sweater, jeans, and my trusty off-brand black TOMS.

The steps from worn-out to stylish, a simple, cheap, and creative fix for my trusty off-brand black TOMS. 

Not uncommonly, my feet are slightly different sizes. When I buy shoes, either one is slightly too tight or the other slightly too big! In the case of my beloved black shoes, the right one was a little too small and developed a hole where my big toe touched the fabric. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to give my shoes a facelift.

I went to my local craft store and bought 1/8th yard of a black fabric with a unique triangular cutout design. I wanted a fabric that would stand out against the fabric of the shoe, but would still be subtle from a distance! I also purchased a can of spray-on adhesive and black thread. The supplies for the project cost me a whopping $8.

I started by patching the hole in the top of my shoe. I cut a small piece of black fabric from a scrap piece in my craft box, and put it over the hole from the inside of the shoe. I used the black thread I had purchased to secure the fabric in place. Voila! Easy enough.

The final product ... a trendy and functional repair!

Next, I used a few pair of socks to stuff each shoe in preparation for adhering the fabric. I thought this would mimic the shape of the shoes being on my feet! I used saran wrap to cover the portions of the shoes that weren’t being covered by fabric (to prevent them from getting sticky with glue). The fabric application was easy! Just spray and place it down quickly.

After letting the glue dry, I just cut off the excess fabric to shape of the shoe, and hand-stitched around the fabric edge. The triangular pattern covers the hole, and my shoes are good as new! For my next shoe project, I am going to revamp my dingy white Keds. With a few Sharpies and a little creativity, they’ll be unique eye-catching pieces!

— Hannah

I hope you enjoyed our guest blog this week! If you have any old shoes around the house, consider revitalizing them instead of throwing them away.