A utilitarian bulletin board dressed to the nines!

Hi, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, especially all you moms out there! I did! I was travelling home from an amazing five days visiting Quebec City in Canada with my youngest daughter.

Aldo the donkey!

I loved Old Quebec and we walked for miles exploring the shops and beautiful churches. We were fortunate to meet Aldo—the church donkey!—he is featured in the children’s book, Daisy and the Donkey Church, by Louisa Blair.

Enough about me, let’s focus on the second bulletin board! If you missed the first redesign check it out—From utilitarian to decorative the easy way!

In this redesign the spray painted frame will be an important design element acting as a border around the decorative board. To update my bulletin board I used a patterned burlap, thin cardboard/oaktag, and nickel nailhead trim.

Since the fabric will be folded under along all four edges, I allowed an extra two inches on each edge when cutting the burlap to size. To do this I measured the length and height of the cork portion of the bulletin board and added four inches to each measurement. The measurements of the cork are 22”X34” therefore I needed my fabric to be 26”X38”.

With the fabric cut to size it was time to attach it to the board. To begin I placed the fabric right side down onto the surface of the bulletin board, centering the design on the board. Using the 1 ½” wide strips of cardboard/oaktag I began creating the folded edge. I carefully placed the cardboard tightly against the black framed edge before wrapping the burlap around. Once wrapped, I secured the fabric to the cardboard with a single staple. Continuing the same process for all four edges.

The folding was a trial and error fiddly process. It became easier after the first edge was completed and I had figured out my own way of doing it. Just go for it, you will be great! Once all four edges were done I turned the fabric over, revealing its right side. As the final step, I attached the burlap to the bulletin board using the nickel nailhead trim. I love how the metal trim adds a bit of shine to the rustic burlap.

I’ll be using this redesigned board in a traditional manner— to display ideas for TU living and The Modern Nesting in my studio!  I love that my two bulletin boards each have their own personalities and uses, but coordinate due to the use of nickel nailhead trim.