April grooming brings May blooming

I’ve been enjoying the warmer weather! I hope you’ve been able to enjoy some warm sunny days too! When the trees start budding, I want to be outside. I love to roam for hours at the garden centers dreaming about improving my gardens with all of the varied perennials and annuals.

In northern plant hardiness zones, gardeners need to be aware of freeze/frost dates. For the garden that I am redesigning, the last frost date will be between May 10 and June 10. I plan on adding hardy perennials VERY close to the May date—it’s difficult to wait—and planting the summer annuals in June.

Even though it’s too early for new plants, it’s the perfect time to enrich one of my garden beds. My husband and I dug out all of the perennials that had survived the winter—I lost a few asiatic lilies—then enriched the soil with peat moss. We replanted the survivors into the garden—now the waiting begins.

I will be searching, reading, and dreaming about amazing plants to add to my garden. If you get the chance, take a walk through a garden center and get inspired! If you just CAN’T WAIT to buy a plant, pick up some pansies. They will survive a light frost and add color to your garden.

I hope you enjoy these photos from last year. They are close-ups of a few blooms in one of my gardens. I had received a macro lense as a gift and was having fun experimenting with it!