You can never have too much storage!

How many of you have a To-Do list for Spring? I have a rather short list of only four items—two of which I have completed, I'm in low stress mode! Last week, I shared with you a little about my Mum and her birthday celebration. This past weekend I celebrated Easter with my husband and kids. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter! Our meal included both recipes from this blog post and they were delicious.

Try both horizontal and vertical placement of the wooden crates.

My To-Do list:

Earlier this week, I took on the third item on my To-Do list: increasing the storage capacity of my studio. My goal was three fold. I needed a large amount of storage in a very small area, I hoped to complete the project in only a few hours, and I wanted to stay within a VERY tight budget (<$50.)

A large amount of storage area in a compact footprint. Finished and ready to move into my studio.

I have always been intrigued by the wooden crates available in stores such as Home Depot, Jo-Ann Fabric, and Michaels Arts & Crafts. Pinterest is full of beautiful and inspiring photos of storage units created with wooden crates. So... I decided to give it a try!

I purchased 6 crates at Jo-Ann Fabric. They were on sale and I also used a coupon—remember the budget. I had a maximum width of 19” and depth of 10” to house my storage unit. I played with multiple configurations of the crates, trying to allow for storage of as many items as possible. I chose to use the crates in both horizontal and vertical positions.

My husband helped with the assembly of the unit. We attached the individual crates together into a secure storage unit using bolts and wing nuts. We chose to use wing nuts for easy assembly and disassembly in the future if needed. The unit is attached to the wall to avoid the possibility of it tipping over. This is a very important step, please do not neglect it!

I am still finalizing what will be stored in the unit and will update you with a photo when it is finished. I would love to see some of your storage ideas. Please tell me about them in my comment section below and post a photo on the TU living Facebook page!