A very special birthday

Mum at three years old with her guardian dog Lassie. Still as young at heart as the day this photo was taken! 

If you have been following my blog you have realized by now that I like to craft, cook, and decorate. When I was much younger, a very special woman started me on my crafting journey! She taught me to knit, crochet, embroider and sew. Her love of gardening and simplistic decorating has become part of my life.

She has always been a positive influence for me. She is the first person I contact, still to this day, with a sewing or knitting question. She is an outstanding seamstress! She single-handedly created my beautiful wedding dress, as well as the dresses for my entire wedding party! And went on to repeat this elaborate wedding process two more times—for my two sisters.

She is my wonderful mother! Better know as Mum, Gee, and Jackie!

This past Sunday—the first day of Spring—my mother celebrated her 80th birthday! A large portion of my family was able to get together to celebrate with her. We met at her home, enjoyed ice cream sundaes and brownies, while having a fun and relaxing afternoon together.

When I reach my 80th year, a quiet celebration and the knowledge that I have inspired someone will make me very happy!