Spring forward with these simple decor updates!

Do you ever feel like you just need a punch of color in your decor? I have the perfect solution for you! Two quick, inexpensive, and super easy decor projects: one for Easter and one for Spring. I love simple decor projects, especially when all that is needed are four items and some creativity!

Thirty minutes is all it will take to complete these two projects! They were made using items I had in my house from previous Easter celebrations. If you have ever hosted an egg hunt you are halfway to completing the first project.

For a simple centerpiece or a pop of color in your entryway, collect a few glass vessels. I like to use an odd number, 3 or 5. I used three matching glass cylinders, although they do not need to be matching. Take a look around your home, I am sure you will find some amazing choices.

Looking for a pop of color? Spend five minutes creating these beauties.

Remember the egg hunt… grab those brightly colored plastic eggs and sort them by color. First I paired the citrus colored—yellow and green. Then the cool toned—blue and purple, leaving the orange and pink as my third pairing. Place each pairing into one of your glass vessels. VOILA you are finished! The most difficult part may be deciding on a location in your home for these beauties. I am using mine on a round table that separates the entry hall from the sitting area adjacent to my kitchen. I love that guests can see them from a distance when they arrive at my home!

A simple and quick wreath made with just two items in less than 20 minutes!

For the second project gather two items: a grape vine wreath and an artificial Daffodil bush. My wreath has a diameter of approximately 16” from one outer edge to the other. The daffodils come on a single stem, mine has 12 blossoms.  I purchased both the wreath and flowers from Jo-Ann Fabric, but they can be found in any craft store. Now that the hard work is done, let’s get creative!

Place the wreath on a flat surface or hang on a door. Using wire cutters, snip each of the individual daffodils from the bush. I chose to leave the leaves on 5 of the 9 daffodils. Now have fun placing each flower onto the wreath. I was able to poke each flower through the wreath as I placed them. Have fun experimenting with the placement of the daffodils—if at first you don’t succeed, pull them out and start again! I did three times. When everything is perfect, secure each flower by bending its wire stem along the back of the wreath.  Congrats! You did an amazing job!

I would love to see your creations! Post a photo on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/TUliving.Kathy), tweet me @TU_living or tag @TU_living on Instagram.