Sunday antiquing has begun!

My 2016 season of Sunday antiquing has begun! I know what you’re thinking, it’s only March 2nd today...but in the small town I call home, antiquing doesn’t stop for the winter.

A local event center hosts their “Winter Antiques Show & Sale” every other Sunday beginning in late November thru mid-March. There are up to 26 vendors inside the heated event center and many more tailgaters—vendors who set up their tables of antiques outside in the parking lot. My husband and I find the tailgaters are always our favorite vendors!

Happy to be adding these to my collection of wooden bowls.

I love to walk around saying good morning to some of the vendors while simultaneously scoping out possible items for purchase. I’m always on the lookout for wooden alphabet blocks, wooden bowls and boxes or crates. At home wooden bowls can be found on the kitchen island, housing fruit or filled with Tortilla chips next to a bowl of salsa. I enjoy using the alphabet blocks to place the name of my guest in an inconspicuous place, such as the window frame or nightstand in their room. My hope is they will feel welcomed by this small gesture!

A rare find for me! A wooden soda crate with 12 original bottles and its original cardboard divider.

This trip I found two wooden serving pieces. The rectangular one reminds me of a mini european bread bowl and I love the curves on the exterior of the bowl. They need to be cleaned and oiled—I like to use walnut oil—then both will be put to good use the next time we entertain.

This is a LARGE box, it measures 46” x 20 ¾” x 15”. Did you notice the wheels? Perfect for a ottoman, don’t you think? (comment below!)

The large box was my husband’s find and while he was checking its condition, I spotted the soda crate filled with original bottles—from my neighboring state, Massachusetts—for sale from the same tailgater. Both of these items put a smile on my face! 😊We were able to make a good deal, using the bundling method we have seen used by Frank on American Pickers. The tailgater, a very nice gentleman, even offered to help us carry the items to our truck.

While my husband was at the truck I walked inside and did a quick once around among the tables, while warming up my fingers—the outside temp. was 33°F—but nothing caught my eye. The use of the large box is still a topic of discussion as my husband would like to store tools in it, but I think it would make a great ottoman/footrest for our tv room. Once it finds a place to call home I will give you an update.