Seasonal gallery wall

The weather has finally turned cold (-6°F when I went to the grocery store!), and it has been snowing a lot recently. What a change from all the warm weather we experienced here in NH during December. My winter decorations were looking a bit out of place! I designed a seasonal gallery wall in my kitchen which is filled with quintessential winter images right now, like snowflakes and sleds. Here’s a quickie of my inspiration for this project:

Picture this, it’s September 2014 and I have house guests coming in a week. I have an unattractive wall in my kitchen that has been blank for 8 years, and need something to fill the space. So…the gallery wall was born! I used some frames that I had previously purchased at various second-hand stores and flea markets – if you look closely you will notice that there are many sizes and designs in the collection. I wanted each frame to be unique, but the whole wall to be cohesive, so I spray painted them black. I filled them with fall-themed printables that I found free for personal use on some of my favorite blog sites. It looked great and added the needed pop of color and design to the wall.

The gallery wall has since evolved and become a seasonal gallery wall. At the start of each season, I enjoy creating new images to put into the gallery that depict family activities and interests. I find inspiration for new designs online while reading blogs and visiting Pinterest!

I love creating more intricate designs using card stock, scrapbooking paper, and my Silhouette Cameo. If you aren’t familiar with the Cameo, check it out here. The Silhouette has endless designs that I can customize to just my liking. If you don’t have a Cameo or something similar, a simple search for “free Springtime printable” will bring up plenty of options!

Spring is on my mind and beginning to design the new season’s wall is on my list of projects.

Check out past seasonal wall designs in these photos.