Naturally simple Christmas decor

This week I have for you one of the simplest, but dramatic decorations you can use inside or outside of your house during the holiday season. Granted for those of you in warmer climates or urban locations, access to ‘supplies’ may be more difficult, but shouldn’t be impossible!

Ever since I can remember there hasn’t been a holiday season without a decoration incorporating red berries and fresh cut greens in at least one place in our house. Now you may be wondering exactly what I am saying… roll the photos!

Okay, so now that we are on the same page with what I mean by ‘red berries’ and ‘greens’ … where do you find such ‘supplies’ to decorate with?? For many of our followers, this would mean a stroll in the Northeastern forest with a set of hand-held garden clippers. Some of the most beautiful decorations to me are those that come from nature. I love blurring the line between ‘indoors’ and ‘outdoors’ with my holiday decorating.

Take a walk around your yard or neighborhood and see what inspires you!

Here’s a few tips that I’ve made note of over the years that might come in handy as you collect your red berries and greens:

  • Red berries can be found in a few different types. The best, meaning the longest lasting and most red in color, are winterberries, they grow on upright branches. Winterberries are usually found growing in a location where their roots are wet, like on the edge of swamps. Another type of red berries, known as bittersweet, grow on a vine. These berries are sometimes red or orange depending on what you find. You can easily spot red berries as you drive along in late November in New England.
  • You can’t go wrong with greens, the more types and colors the better! Boxwood is always one of my favorites to use.
  • Use caution when handling pine greens, the sap can and will get on everything! Although, they may be easy to come by if you’re trimming your Christmas tree.
  • Respect other’s property, and never cut greens or red berries from protected land.
  • Finally, never prune beyond what a plant can survive the winter without!

Use your red berries and greens any way you like! As you can see, they look great by the front door incorporated into a wreath or in a simple container! I can just imagine them as a festive centerpiece for a table or displayed on a mantle. Post photos of your holiday decorations below or tag @TU_living on Instagram and Twitter!

Happy Holidays!