Gifting memories for the holidays

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet—or even started?? Despite the never-ending stream of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals last weekend, I have yet to do any shopping. If you’re also struggling to come up with ideas, why not try giving the gift of an experience a shot?

Giving gifts can be difficult, and last year was no exception for me. I was stuck thinking of gifts for my brother JP and his boyfriend Steven. I wracked my brain and scoured the internet, but what do you get people who have everything?? JP and Steven are a creative couple, so I thought a “Paint & Sip” night would be perfect for them!

Have you heard of “Paint & Sip” before? It’s a one night step-by-step painting class during which you can enjoy wine or other beverages as you follow along with the instructor! Paint, brushes, canvases, and aprons are all provided for you. I had been wanting to try this for a while too, so I purchased three vouchers for Paint Nite on Groupon. For our inspiration painting, JP and Steven choose a snow-covered wreath on a red barn door—very appropriate for the holiday season.

Going into the evening, I was worried that my painting would not look like the instructor’s painting. Before we began, we took an oath to remain judgement free of ourselves and others:

I promise that I will not say my painting sucks

I promise that I will not say your painting sucks

The oath reminded me that I’m not a professional painter. At the end of the night my painting didn’t look exactly like the instructor’s and that’s okay. When you try something new, you have to remember it’s about the learning experience and enjoying yourself!

Chocolate gelato made by Paige and Josh

Chocolate gelato made by Paige and Josh

Don’t think you are artistic enough for a painting class? There's something out there for everyone! Paige and Josh took a gelato-making class two years ago. Yum—now that’s something I’d want to try. Know someone who likes to entertain? A cooking or mixology class could be a great gift for them! They can show off their new recipes and drinks at their next soirée.

So if you are having trouble finding a gift for you friends and family, treat them (and maybe yourself) to some fun! The memories will last a lifetime.