Let me introduce myself:

My name is Kathleen, but please call me Kathy! Being called Kathleen reminds me of the first day of school when the teacher does roll call. I’m so used to Kathy that it takes a few minutes for me to realize I’m even being spoken to when I’m called Kathleen.

I am a mom, wife, daughter and sister! I am a native New Hampshirite, and have never lived anywhere else (even during college). I am a long-retired middle school mathematics teacher, and a recently-retired stay at home mom of three. I am currently owned by an Old English Sheepdog.

I love entertaining, dark chocolate, large dogs, antiquing on Sunday mornings, shopping, relaxing with a great book, root beer, iced tea, crafting and purses! I dislike snakes, most vegetables, and my empty nest.

I am a blogger, the woman behind The Modern Nestling (a store for the modern baby), and have a mind that never rests.

So what’s my inspiration behind the name TU living, you may ask.

Well, it all started when my three children were attending the same college. Though spread out in age, they often did activities together such as making dinner and going to the gym. As you can imagine, having three kids in college at once adds up quickly! We often joked that our family paid enough tuition to have a building on campus named after us. Instead of just one building, my kids started dreaming of starting their own school named TU (a combination of the first letter of our last name and the word university). Each of my kids would each run a different part of campus using their unique strengths.

Since then the phrase “TU” has evolved into our family motto. We even have matching coffee mugs! When I decided to start a blog, incorporating my family’s motto seemed like a no-brainer. I hope through this blog you’ll get a glimpse into our world, and take away lots of inspiration for yours!


Inspire yourself and others today!