The Modern Nestling is a store for the stylish baby, offering a modern take on a traditional necessity—the burp cloth. It’s no secret that babies can be messy...clean them up in style!

Made with ♥

Our burp cloths are handmade in our New Hampshire studio with you in mind. Every detail was carefully thought through:


Design - Our stylish fabrics are carefully curated into collections that both baby and parent can enjoy.

Comfort - The 100% cotton flannel on the front of the cloth is soft enough for baby’s fragile skin. All cloths are tagless to prevent irritation.

Function - The 100% cotton terry on the back of the cloth is ultra-absorbent, making it perfect for cleaning up after your nestling.

Size - Our 9”x14” burp cloths are large enough to handle any mess your little nestling throws at it, but won’t overwhelm your outfit when it’s on your shoulder. All the fabrics have been pre-washed and dried beforehand, so the cloths will never shrink!

Convenience - Cloths come in sets of 3 or 5, so you can always have one at the ready! They are also easy to clean: just wash with cool water and dry on low heat.

Search through our wide variety of collections now to find one your nestling will love, or perhaps choose one to fit your own personal style!